Responsible Travel Policy & Mission Statement

Here you can find our Responsible Travel Policy & Mission Statement. Share Africa Travel firmly believes in sustainable and responsible travel and emphasizes on pure local experiences that benefit not only the traveler but the destination as well. This would be the local community, economy and nature. Below will give you inside in how we work towards offering you a holiday in a sustainable and fair way.


“To support the innovative cultures of the African People by developing and enhancing responsible tourism opportunities for the local communities.”


• To utilise all aspects of responsible travel as a sustainable development tool for the people of southern Africa
• To benefit the local communities by educating and empowering them
• To promote integration of our visitors within the communities to facilitate growth and sustainable partnerships.


• Projects and itineraries are carefully selected following Responsible Travel Guidelines, ensuring that the people whose land and knowledge are used benefit from tourism.
• We contribute to the benefit of the local community through sustainable tourism.
• We support local income generation by supporting locally owned shops and restaurants.
• Destinations with sustainable and responsible travel policies are used. When contracting of destinations signing an MoU is requested and sustainable practices are promoted.
• We use locally owned, responsibly run accommodations and excursions by preference. We support the communities by promoting the use of local guides for all types of excursions.
• To ensure our creditworthy we contribute annual subscriptions to a variety of (inter)national NGOs. Travel and accommodation offered are, where available and applicable, accredited by Fair trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA), Namibian Community Based Tourism Association (NACOBTA), Heritage Environmental Rating Programme, Green stay or Natural Step. Share Africa Travel signed The Code against child sex tourism and is informing tourists and suppliers accordingly
• Were applicable and possible we inform and educate tourists on Responsible Travel practices.
• We promote a minimum of two nights stay at destinations to minimize environmental impact. In itineraries , the inclusion World Heritage Sites and Wildlife and Nature parks are included as part of awareness rising with regards to Natural and Cultural heritage and conservation.
• We support Food & Trees for Africa by including their brochures in the travel packages and calculating the distances travelled; with the suggestion to clients to offset carbon emissions locally via Food & Trees for Africa.
• The International responsible Blue Flag Beaches, Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) are supported by including their information leaflets in travel packages.
• A selection of Fairtrade Labelling Organization (FLO) certified producer Organisations can be visited. Fairtrade labels ensure the principles of fair share, democracy, respect, reliability, transparency and sustainability which we adhere to.


• As PTY local registered company (Reg 2005/036494/07) to follow the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Policy of South African Government; Share Africa Travel is a level 4 contributor and fully BEE compliant.
• Share Africa Travel is Carbon Neutral Approved by the Planet Green Programme
• Share Africa Travel is signatory of The Code against Child Sexual Exploitation in tourism. As a part of this Share Africa Travel has designed an action plan to implement within the company, in order to raise awareness and give its employees and stakeholders the tools on how to act should they come across a situation related to Child Sexual Exploitation.
• Share Africa Travel is member of Cape Town Tourism, member of the Backpacking Tourism South Africa Trust (BSA) and the South African Youth Federation (SAYTC); who aim to promote South Africa as a premier Youth travel destination.
• Share Africa Travel has adequate insurance cover in place and will respond to valid personal injury claims made in terms of European Community Directive on Travel and Trade (90/314/EC) relating to the package Holiday s and Travel act, 1995.
• We will provide regular and ongoing training to staff, in the principles and practices of Responsible Travel.
• We will try to ensure that local operators and local accredited guides are given preference.


• Founded by us, the non profit organisation Abang Africa Trust (No: IT 9139/06), manages volunteer work, handles donations and provides support for various tourism related projects in southern Africa.
• In addition to providing financial support, Abang Africa Trust is involved with hands-on collaboration in various tourism related projects.
• Tourists can become involved by visiting, volunteering, participating and giving feedback after a visit or stay. We relay the feedback and ideas to the project leaders with the aim of improving the tours and the projects as a whole.
• A selection of projects Abang Africa Trust liaises with, can be supported by volunteers; tasks depend on the volunteers’ skills and needs of the project
• Abang Africa Trust recruits volunteers, free of charge, from all cultural, religious and language groups.
• The cost involved for the different programmes and projects is decided by the different projects themselves, for non commercial projects Abang Africa Trust offers the matchmaking service free of charge.