Ariam’s Travel Tip

Visit a Township for a day or spend a night at a home-stay!

I really enjoy experiencing different cultures and interacting with locals. Every time I go to the townships I learn more about lifestyle, people, traditions and cultures in South Africa. The poorer parts “townships”, with gravel paths and shacks, bring a feeling of nostalgia as it reminds me of the rural areas in my home country Eritrea, where my grandparents used to live.

Cape Town City is beautiful, convenient and very western, but the townships is a completely different experience. By booking a cultural township tour or a homestay, you help local people grow their small businesses furthermore you gain a great authentic experience. My favorite activities in the townships are playing soccer and other games with local children and to meet people to share some stories with. Though poverty is a big issue there, I feel that people are still happy and relaxed, greeting you warmly, sometimes with beautiful traditional songs. Watch this video I made from the Old Age House we recently experienced in one of the townships around Cape Town.

Once I’ve done a hand-washing clothes workshop, where elderly ladies shared some interesting stories with me, I felt so comfortable like I was talking to my grandmother. My tip to you is to come and experience it yourself; visit projects such as Bafana kids and play soccer with the children or book one of our cultural tours. If you also enjoy the township atmosphere as much as I do, then check accommodation to have a home-stay in the townships.

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