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Spend some nights in Kruger National Park!

I have just returned from a long weekend off to the province of Mpumalanga with as main purpose to visit one of Africa’s largest game reserves: Kruger National Park. This park is an excellent place to spot (most of) the Big Five. It is home to thousands of lions as well as endangered animals such as the African Wild Dog, Cheetahs, and even the Black Rhino. Also bird lovers will find Kruger National Park a perfect base for spotting over 500 species of birds!

I visited the park for three days and two nights where I slept in a typical African rondavel in the bush in the middle of Kruger National Park. During the night I could hear the lions roaring and I spotted 9 elephants, including a baby, from the bar area of the camp. As the camp was not fenced, meaning that any animal except large elephants could enter the camp. During the day I spotted ignalas eating plants just in front of my hut. The experience was truly amazing, and it will be a memorable one. I enjoyed every minute of my stay in the bush and spotting hundreds of animals. I think that staying in a bush camp is the ultimate way to experience the nature and wildlife of Kruger National Park to its utmost!

How to go about it:
If you are planning to go to Kruger National Park as well, I would recommend staying in in a camp as well. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our preferred suppliers.

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