Be Out In Africa

Picture this: A beautiful African village, located on the edge of a ridge in the middle of the stunning Wildcoast. Wake up to an amazing view, have breakfast next to a waterfall and explore the beautiful nature in and around the village.

Get in touch with the people living and working in the village, experience their unique culture and way of living. These people do not have much but live a beautifully peaceful existence.

Enjoy the silence, the wind hushing and touching your skin, relaxing, fire crackling, seeing the Milky Way filled with shooting stars gliding across the nightsky. It will make you feel small and humble but absolutely alive and one with nature.


You will be sleeping in the traditional round huts that are famous for the area. All of the local people also live in these huts and there are almost no other types of buildings to be found in the area.
You can choose to either sleep in a small traditional hut, this hut has a double and a single bed. Experience life in a real African house!
The other option is to sleep in the bigger house. This is also a traditional round house, only bigger then most in the village. The house has a very cosy feel on the inside. Cooking food on the fire, swinging softly on the hanging couch or just fall asleep to the sound of the crackling fire.

The Village

This Tribal Village is surrounded with African Jungle and massive cliffs, situated on a Plateau with a 1.5km long crack in it, forming a short and steep gorge where the African Traditional Healers come to get their medicine, some at the foot of the Sacred 144m Magwa Falls. Sitting here washing your Soul, your feet and your pic-nic bowl, girls carrying fire wood for kilometres passing by, some other do their washing in the river nearby, and boys swimming, herding cattle and coats, then we stroll back, up through the Goso State Forest, spotting insects and plants, 400 or more year old trees colourfull birds in the canopy and some lucky bees. This all makes it easy to breathe.

Africa has called you, this is how it feels to be free. Take it with you, it is for free.

Come listen to your own silence in Deep Dark Africa!

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Kindly note that the prices and accommodation are subject to change based on date, availability and special requests.

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