Business Development

Volunteer a minimum of 2 weeks in Cape Town, South Africa and be involved in a socially responsible business empowering local communities though business development and creative support in Hout Bay. Emerging from its apartheid history South Africa’s townships are poverty stricken and HIV/AIDS ravaged. Many people live without access to basic amenities such as water, electricity and toilets, and rising unemployment around 40%. Poverty and unemployment combined lead to high crime rates and pressure on social welfare systems. Many adults in this area are unskilled and lack education or access to opportunities for employment leaving a niche for socially responsible businesses to create jobs and skill locals. Local social entrepreneurs are sharing their artistic talent and passion for community with the local residents. Working alongside a socially responsible company this project aims to improve the daily quality of life of South Africans through creating jobs, opportunities and skills sharing with the local community. They offer a range of high quality, handmade products which are creatively unique and kept personalised through this process

Your role as Volunteer

This project is suited, but not limited, to volunteers with prior business, marketing, creative, or corporate social responsibility experience. The business is well structured and the volunteer focus is more on skills sharing between volunteers and staff, introducing new ideas, and assisting in the daily running of the shop or production centre and tasks will depend on the length of stay. Volunteers with particular skills sets can be catered for and roles will vary depending on particular skills of the individual volunteer.

Project Information

This project includes the following options:

Assist in the further development of the marketing mix which may include creating marketing plans, pricing strategy, product line development, website design and support, and the expansion of social networking outlets.

Business Development
Assist in the operational development of the company. This may include logistics and production support; designing and implementing new systems and business practices; improving human resources through staff development and relationship management; and assisting in the development of sound financial practices.

Creative Product Design and Innovation
This option may include further developing the artistic product line through painting, sewing, and the photography of people and products. Volunteers with art skills, creative experience and a flair for craft would be well suited for this option and the company is always looking for new creative ideas and products to support the local community.

Contact us for a project that matches your interests / skills.


Your orientation will start with a presentation by the project co-ordinator to prepare you for your project. You will then be shown around Hout Bay, Cape Town and go on a Township tour through Imizamo Yethu.

A typical week at the project

Although day to day activities vary on the Project a typical day in the life of a volunteer working on the Project might be:

07:30 – Wake up and have breakfast.

08:00 – Walk over to your project.

08:30 –Work starts.

13:00 – Lunch (come back to volunteer for lunch or take a packed lunch).

14:00 – You will help with playing activities at your project or you can help on an afternoon project.

15:30 – Work generally ends around 3.30pm but this is flexible and can sometimes be earlier and sometimes later.

Costs & Inclusive / Exclusive

2 weeks           ZAR 14,155,-

3 weeks           ZAR 16,275,-

4 weeks           ZAR 18,175.-

6 weeks           ZAR 22,310.-

8 weeks           ZAR 25,792,-

10 weeks         ZAR 29,767.-

Contact us now for the costs of additional weeks.


  • All accommodation throughout your programme
  • All meals
  • Orientation upon arrival
  • Airport transfer on set arrival and departure days
  • Full support and daily guidance from the project coordinator/tour guide
  • Project equipment/materials
  • Backup support from All Out Africa’s head office and administrative staff


  • Personal travel insurance for the duration of your placement
  • All flights
  • Airport transfers not on set arrival and departure days
  • Local transport costs to and from project placements
  • All items of a personal nature, such as curios, gifts, clothing (work and other)
  • Telephone, internet, extra food and drinks, weekend activities
  • Visas
  • Any excursions over and above your planned itinerary

NOTE: Where possible, Share Africa Travel can assist volunteers to arrange extra/optional activities/trips during free time on their projects and expeditions. Please remember that on such occasions, should you decide to take accommodation other than that provided at the project/expedition site, you will be responsible for the costs thereby incurred.

Arrival dates

The standard arrival dates (first Monday of the month) for the project is:

2013: 7-Jan, 4-Feb, 4-Mar, 1- Apr,6-May, 3-Jun, 1-Jul,5-Aug, 2-Sep, 7-Oct, 4-Nov

Volunteering at this project starts from a minimum of 2 weeks.

Please read our terms and conditions to inform yourself about our booking procedures.
Kindly note that the prices and accommodation are subject to change based on date, availability and special requests.

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