Cape Malay Cooking

Perched on the slopes of Signal Hill, overlooking Table Bay and Mountain, lays the colorful Bo-Kaap with its cobblestone streets, legends and secrets. This workshop will let you experience the extraordinary cuisine of the Cape Malay community, and gives you the opportunity to shop for ingredients so you can try out your new cooking skills in your own kitchen.

Includes: Cooking course, meal, traditional treat, recipes and a tour through Bo-Kaap where you will explore the most photographed street and the local spices store.

Upon arrival at the home of your local host you will get familiar with the different spices and flavours of the Malay kitchen. You will be told which dishes you will be making during the course and then you will get started.

An example of dishes which could be included in the workshop are roti and samosas. You will first mix the different spices for the curry. Your host will explain you what the different spices are and how much of each spice is needed when you are mixing it. This mix of spices will be the basis for the curry, which you will heat together with all other ingredients. In the meanwhile, it is time to get your hands dirty and knead the dough for the roti. You will experience the technique that comes with making roti.

When the roti is created and the curry is being steered in the meanwhile, you will continue with the samosas. Samosas are very popular in the Cape Malay kitchen and a fun snack to create. It takes some dexterity, but after a samosa or two you will get the hang of it. To finish those delicious treats you will fry them and let them cool down for a little while.

The last part of the workshop that has to be done before you can enjoy the meals that you have created is to finalise the roti. You will knead, swing and roll the roti dough until it has the perfect shape. The only thing there is left to do at this moment is to bake the roti and to lay the table.

Now let’s eat! You can enjoy all the delicious food that you have created. The roti with an amazingly tasteful curry and different samosas. In the end you will get another traditional treat that your host will prepare for you. When your belly is filled the end of the workshop is near.

The workshop will end with a short tour around Bo-Kaap. She will show you the most photographed street of Bo-Kaap and the local spices store, where you will have the possibility to buy the spices you have used during the cooking workshop.

2 Hour tour available on request. Not available on Fridays between 12h00 and 14h00.
Costs: R350 per person

Please read our terms and conditions to inform yourself about our booking procedures.

Kindly note that the prices are subject to change based on date, availability and special requests.

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