Students go Khayelitsha

Cape Town, Culture and Club 1

The first Share Africa Travel students event, Cape Town Culture and Club (CCC#1), took place on July 14th, 2012. Students from eight nations (South Africa, Germany, France, Netherlands, South Africa, Mozambique, Angola and Nigeria) met in front of the Share Africa Travel office to depart for a great day in Khayelitsha. The tour first led us to the Ikwama Marimba Band at the Craftmarket in Harare, where the marimba players welcomed us by singing “Welcome to Cape Town” accompanied with the sound of the Marimba. We were taught how the instruments work and how to play. Have a look at the video

we took and feel the vibe of the marimba band yourself. After quick stop for some shopping at the craft market the tour continued to the Old Age House. There we received another very warm welcome from the elderly ladies that were singing beautiful Xhosa songs (see video).

At the Old Age House we did a fun and interactive workshop where the elderly ladies taught us how to wash clothes by hand.  We have all figured out how difficult and exhausting it is to hand-wash clothes. Lunchtime was at Ace’s Restaurant the best place to eat in Khayelitsha. Loads of tasty meat was grilled and served to everybody. At Mandela Park about 20 players from the Goal Hunters Football Club, supported by the Bafanakids initiative, met the students to play some football and learn more about how football makes a difference in the lives of these kids. At the end of the day a group of singing people crossed our way as we followed. The tour guides Thulani and Mvuyisi explained that this singing crowd was welcoming their returning child. This is part of celeb a traditional Xhosa ritual “Ulwaluko” – the transition from boyhood to manhood, where the child gets circumcised and lives in isolation for several weeks, usually in the bush or on mountains. On this day mothers and young girls where having a huge celebration on the street to celebrate his return.

This day in Khayelitsha brought new experience and friends, eventually we returned back to the city where they had time to refresh and get ready for the clubbing part of CCC#1, which took place at the nightclub The Loop. The night was a perfect closure for an awesome day and we at Share Africa Travel are ready for the next time when we call for CCC #2! If you want to be up to date and be the first to know about our next events, please sign up for the newsletter, follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook!

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