Cultural Tour in Khayelitsha

Cape Town, Western Cape.

Do you want to discover a township from a different perspective?
We offer you a unique and pure township experience. Our focus lies on interaction. We want you to get to know the locals, to hear their stories and to tell them about yours.

Get to know the real Khayelitsha

The tour starts at Cape Town Taxi station where you are picked up by one of the guides. Travel to Khayelitsha, one of the biggest townships in South Africa, like locals do.

There are several options to discover the place.

A tour could contain the following points of interests:

  • walk around and chat with the locals about what they are selling at the station flee market
  • Have the taste of Umqombothi, the traditional beer – the beer is served at a locals house and some of the neighboors are likely to join
  • Golden`s Recycling Project – sit with Golden at his house and he will tell you one of his stories
  • stroll through the narrow paths between the shacks of an informal settlement and see the children smile at the sight of visitors
  • Dine at a typical township restaurant

Tell us what you are interested in and we will create a special tour for you.

What makes our tours different is that we walk around and speak to locals. We don’t only sit in a bus and drive through. People that have already done our tours appreciated the natural experience.

The tours end with a yummy and interactive dinner at one of the typical township restaurants.

Prices vary depending on the durance and number of participants.

Generally, tours can be arranged every day of the week and with very short notice, depending on the availability of the guides.

Ask us for more information.

Please read our terms and conditions to inform yourself about our booking procedures.
Kindly note that the prices and accommodation are subject to change based on date, availability and special requests.

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