Kwam eMakana Homestay

Kwam eMakana homestays are located in the township; they offer comfortable accommodation for families, business people, students, tourists and backbackers groups. Kwam eMakana is a community empowerment project which was initiated in 2003 by the provincial government of the Eastern Cape Province. The focus of Kwam eMakana project is to develop township based homestays which offer a unique experience of African family life, street culture, and cuisine and township hospitality to visitors who come to Grahamstown. Kwam eMakana homestays offers a nice and delicious meals for everyone, meals like lunch and dinner could be arranged in advance by the guests. The Kwam eMakana project is supported and administered from the offices of Makana Tourism.

The National Arts Festival which forms the largest tourism / visitor event in Grahamstown significantly contributes to the sustainable existence and growth of the Kwam eMakana project. Over the years, an increasing number of festival visitors to Grahamstown and including recognisable South African artists are finding Kwam eMakana to be the township hospitality service of choice.

The annual Science Festival which take place between the month of April / May in Grahamstown also plays a significant role in terms of contributing to the number of visitors that are visiting Kwam eMakana. The type of visitor that normally visits Grahamstown during the Science Festival is students.

During this past Festival, a large number of beds in the Kwam eMakana project had an average of 80% of bed occupancy, this demonstrates the successful partnership between the National Arts Festival programme and Kwam eMakana cultural heritage experiential outreach programme.

In a city with an enormously high rate of unemployment, the Kwam eMakana project offers much needed entrepreneurial skills to advance people’s ability to support their families. Without the National Arts Festival being one of the leading players to support the Kwam eMakana project, much of the economic growth in the township would suffer. Hence, Kwam eMakana endorses the National Arts Festival value as an agent which uses the arts and culture to grow and transform our society.

There are presently 54 accommodations (homestays) which provide 174 bedrooms, 132 single beds and 125 double beds.

Pictures courtesy of Jo Anne Goodenough – read more on these Homestays on the Blog By JoAnne Goodenough

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