Live like a local for one weekend!

Share Africa Travel arranged an overnight stay in the Gugulethu Township from the 9th of March till the 10th of March. The group was about to experience the true life of a resident in the township.

The group consisted of eight people and the guide called Mvuyisi. Everyone met each other at the Cape Town train station, where we made our way towards Gugulethu, which means “our pride”. After half an hour train ride we arrived at the township and walked to Mama Noks’ house, who was going to welcome us as part of her family for one day.. Minutes after we had arrived the kids started jumping on us and wanted to play with us. It was amazing to see how much those kids loved it that we were there.

After we finished playing with the kids, we bought some drinks at a local store. Then Mama Noks started cooking and explained to some of the girls how to make pap, while the boys were outside at the braai. When dinner was ready, we all enjoyed a true African meal which was very tasty. In the evening we had some more drinks and chatted with each other until we went to bed.

We all woke up early in the morning to enjoy a very nice breakfast and to start the beading workshop. Instead of creating bracelets yourself, there was also the possibility to buy accessories from Mama Noks’ daughter.

At ten o’clock, we all went to the church to attend a service. It was so beautiful to see how committed these people were; everybody was singing and dancing. They appreciated the fact that we visited their church and wanted us to introduce ourselves, so we would feel more involved.

After the service we went on a walking tour through Gugulethu. The area where Mama Noks lives still is quite a wealthy part of Gugulethu. During the walking tour we saw some poorer parts, which a real eye-opener for everyone. The people live there in a small shack with their entire family.

We walked around Gugulethu for a while until we arrived at Mzoli’s, which a very popular place to braai. We continued walking back to Mama Noks’ house where we collected our stuff and said goodbye to the kids, Mama Noks’, Papa Noks and Mvuyisi. Afterwards, we got picked up by a minivan and drove back to Cape Town.

It was an amazing experience and a wonderful weekend. By spending the night there and having to buy drinks or arts and crafts at local stores or market stands, you will truly benefit towards the residents of Gugulethu. Besides this the image of the townships changes because in general everyone thinks that being in a township is dangerous, while it is not more dangerous than any other place. The residents are very friendly and would do no harm.This excursion is a great way to truly experience what life is like in a township and to change your perception.

Even though our group consisted solely of students it is also possible to do this excursion as a couple or family. For more information please contact one of our travel specialists.

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