Lungi`s Bed & Breakfast

Enjoy the local township experience!
Experience a township from the inside-out and be welcomed by the local Khayelitsha community. ‘Meet the street’ and be fascinated by the peoples` stories while being in the convenient environment of Lungi’s Bed & Breakfast. Be surprised by the neighborhood`s unexpected creativity and entrepreneurship and over more the overwhelming smiles.

Lungi`s Bed and Breakfast

Khayelitsha Township

Khayelitsha (which means “new home” in Xhosa language) is a rapidly growing township located outside of Cape Town, near the Cape Town International Airport. The population now numbers almost 2 million people and is the biggest and youngest township in the Cape Flats. Khayelitsha, which was created during the Apartheid area as a dormitory for black laborers working in Cape Town, is now a vibrant community with schools, churches, markets, training centre’s, craft displays and community gardens.

About Lungi’s B&B

Experience Shack-Chic
Gladys will warmly welcome you into her house: Lungi’s B&B. Lungi is the abbreviation of Nomalungelo, which means “rights” in the Xhosa language. Lungi’s is a friendly ran B&B, where you will feel immediately at ease and which offers you the unique experience of family life and culture in a South African Township.
Lungi’s Township B&B is located in a traditional township house, which was fully redecorated in 2009. The house stands on an owned plot. Gladys, your hostess, opened the B&B after working multiple years in a B&B at Greenpoint. She runs the accommodation in a welcoming and proud way.


The B&B has 3 guestrooms: the Green Room, the Red Room and the Yellow Room. All rooms have comfortable twin beds which can be fit together as needed. The Red Room has a bathroom and toilet en-suite, the Yellow Room and Green Room have the communal use of bathroom and toilet.
Both bathrooms have showers with hot running water. Fresh linen and towels are provided, and the rooms are clean and well lit.

Please read our terms and conditions to inform yourself about our booking procedures.

Kindly note that the prices and accommodation are subject to change based on date, availability and special requests.

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