Abang Africa Trust is the non profit organisation (No: IT 9139/06), found to coordinate visits and volunteering work, to provide support and handle donations for tourism related projects in southern Africa. Abang means TO SHARE in Sotho.

Supporting these various tourism related projects is part of our Responsible Travel Policy.

How it works…

Share Africa Travel redistributes a share of its profit back to the Abang Africa Trust, the liaised projects and their communities. Since its beginning, various projects have been supported. These projects vary from:

- upgrading a crèche in Kwa -Zulu Natal,
- upgrading a school in Cape Town,
- initiating and supporting educational- & health programmes
- set up and run sport coaching projects and many more!

The Trust facilitates financial and hands on support through advise and volunteering work.


Most projects can be visited and our Share Africa Travel team will happily assist with organizing a visit to any of our liaised projects. Share your the feedback and ideas with the project leaders with the aim of improving the tours and the projects as a whole. Or update us via twitter, facebook or email. A local project visit can create the memory of a life time.


Many projects can be supported by volunteers. Tasks depend on the volunteer’s skills and needs of the project. Enjoy cultural experiences; meet and share with the local community. Cook with African mamas or discover townships on a bicycle. Help conserve Africa’s fauna by visiting wildlife outreach projects. Check out our volunteer packages and share with South Africa.

You can become involved by visiting, volunteering, participating and giving feedback after a visit or stay. Share your comments via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail. We relay the feedback and ideas to the project leaders with the aim of improving the tours and the projects as a whole.

Optionally you can also choose to support the projects by giving a donation. As we find it important that this is coordinated and handled exactly the way you would like it do we provide donation platform through our Non Profit Organisation Abang Africa Trust. We will handle the full donation on your behalf and you will be kept up to date on the progress. Besides this you will receive a full copy of the administration related to your donation. This to see how your donation has been handled and who benefited and in what way. Contact us now for more information.

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