Family Travel

If you would like to go on a holiday to South Africa but you are not sure if it will be a good choice to bring your children, don’t think twice!
South Africa is a very nice destinations for a family holiday. There are a lot of child friendly accommodations all over the country and the roads to get there are paved and in good condition.

There are also no direct health threats in South Africa, the East and West Cape are malaria free and all of the accommodations are very hygienic. Another advantage is that you can safely drink water from the tap.
Furthermore, one can find food from over the entire world in South Africa so there is always something that the children can and will eat.

As for excursions, on our excursion page you can find several activities that are very nice to participate in with children. For safari’s there are numerous private game reserves that offer good possibilities to visit with children.

So in short:
- South Africa is child friendly
- All sorts of food
- Safe drink water from the tap
- Good roads