South Africa Tours and Travel

Share Africa Travel is a responsible tour operator selling South Africa tours and travel according to responsible tourism principles. These principles mean that we believe that all of the South Africa tours and travel we offer should not only give you an amazing experience but also benefit the local environment, people and economy.
We believe that ‘giving back’ and ‘sharing’ is very important while travelling. This way the everybody wins.

We offer many different kinds of South Africa tours and travel;

  • Self/drive tours
  • Overland tours
  • Volunteering
  • visiting projects
  • and many more.

All of these tours and visits can be adjusted to your own wishes and we will try to tailor the tour of your dreams.

South Africa Tours and Travel

Travelling to South Africa will show you all of the beauties of this wonderful country. This country has so much to offer that one will never get bored of travelling around here. South Africa has countless different landscapes, climates, animals and vegetation. The country is so big that all of this fits within the South African border.
Just across the borders there is even more to discover. The stunning Namibian dunes, the Okavango Delta and the Victoria Falls for example.

Travel with Share Africa Travel in order to visit all of these fantastic sites, create wonderful lifelong memories and experience numerous cultures; all in a responsible way.

Feel free to contact us. We look forward to planning your trip with you!