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One of the best trips I made since I am in South Africa was the trip we made to the Cederberg Mountains.
This mountain range is situated about 2-3 hours north of Cape Town and it is part of the greater Cederberg Conservation area.

Cederberg Mountains

Most of the roads in the Cederberg Mountain area are dirt roads. You have to be careful and watch out for pot-holes, but it makes so much fun to drive these roads, especially with a shaking small old golf. This doesn’t mean however that you cannot drive with a normal vehicle in the Cederberg area. As long as you stick to a slow pace your drive will be beautiful and very doable. The roads just add to the feeling of going on a real African adventure!f Cape Town and it is part of the greater Cederberg Conservation area. It also was recently proclaimed as a World Heritage Site. The area stretches from the Middelberg Pass at Citrusdal to just north of the Pakhuis Pass at Clanwilliam. The landscape here is totally different to the landscape in Cape Town and its surroundings. It is rough with impressive rock formations like I had never seen before and is home to some unique flower species like the endangered Clanwilliam Cedar.

Our final destination was the small village Kromsrivier in the heart of the Cederberg Mountains. The area is of a dramatic beauty; a mixture between wilderness, rough rocks, huge mountains and a small romantic river that fills the whole valley with live. From our cottage we hiked to the Disa Pools. This hike was about 3 hours one way.
During the stunning 3 hour hike you will pass different types of desert landscapes. First you will see predominantly rocks, sand and a few desert plants that can survive the remote conditions. The closer we came to the pools the surroundings became to look more like the Garden of Eden. Part of the route is that you have to cross the little river twice. The deepest you could be walking through the water is knee-deep. The flora and fauna here is amazing and of unexpected color.  After this the route takes you through the bush until you arrive by a small waterfall with a huge natural pool; the Disa Pool.

After the long walk it was the perfect place to refresh ourselves and enjoy a long and well deserved break before heading back to our cottage for the night.

The next day we decided to go on a horse-riding trip through the Kromsrivier Valley, relax on the back of the proud animals whilst enjoying the stunning landscape. Both of the activities we did I would recommend to travelers visiting the Cederberg Mountain area. And great it is to finish off your day with a crackling campfire and braai whilst watching the stars in the clear sky!

I personally had never seen such a clear view of the stars in my life before. This was due to the fact that there was absolutely no light in the surroundings besides our small campfire and I felt like being in another world.

The Cederberg Mountain area also offers a lot of other hiking trails and activities like Rock Art, 4×4 driving, bird watching, fishing, mountain biking and more. An area of unspoiled beauty, not to be missed!

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