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Explore the Tsitsikamma National Park!

Just about a month ago I did the Garden Route in four days. Here I visited the Tsitsikamma National Park. At first we did a route through the beautiful forest, where you constantly get a glimpse of the sun among the leaves. Among the forest sounds, you heard a lot of different birds who were whistling in the park. More than 200 species of birds can be found here. If you pay attention, it is possible you’ll see some of them. There’re also many mussels to be seen among the black rocks, where the African clawless otter also hunts.

The farther I walked down along the path, the better I heard the sounds of the rough sea. What an overwhelming sound was that! Every step I was closer to the crashing waves.

Once I arrived there, the fresh forest smell was replaced by the raw sea wind.

Further ahead on the route we got to a big water spring that was nourished through a giant waterfall. What a powerful view!! It was possible to swim in this water, a lovely refreshment after a tough walk like this. It is also the perfect spot for cliff diving. I saw jumps of at least 8 meters high..

This National Park is situated along the coast of the Indian Ocean. The park consists of high mountains, cliffs and bushy forests and big amounts of fynbos.  It has an 80 kilometer coastline, which is interrupted by beaches here and there. The Storms River pushed its way through the Tsitsikamma Mountain Range and runs into the ocean.

There is also a lot of chance, during this walk, to see dolphins jumping above the surface.

I can guarantee you, this is a route in a million. I did a walk in one day, but it’s also possible to do it for a couple of days, whereby you’ll stay the night in special accommodations in the National Park.

A memorable route during your trip through South Africa!

Contact Share Africa to do the Garden Route with their guidance. You could do a self-drive tour or look for tips in accommodations.

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