World Responsible Tourism Day


Share Africa Travel is a supporter of the World Responsible Tourism Day 2012. The WTM World Responsible Tourism Day is now four years old and is getting more widely supported every year. All of the supporters are looking to play an important role in showing what the travel and tourism industry can achieve in making the world a more responsible place to live and travel. This fits perfectly with the ideology that Share Africa Travel has and works with. The aim is to travel responsible in order to benefit the local people, environment and economy.
The World Responsible Tourism Day is a great initiative that is used to create awareness about living and travelling responsibly and to educate people about their own opportunities to participate in this global movement.
The idea is that when everyone plays their part, together we will have a strong influence on the kind of international travel and tourism industry we have in the future. Share Africa Travel took the first step in this by becoming an active supporter of the initiative.

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