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Visit the world’s famous township Soweto in South Africa by bike

Cycling through the Soweto township was one of the best experiences I have had. In this part of South Africa I had a great time and enjoyed unique experiences by staying at the Fair trade Tourism in South Africa certified Lebo’s Backpackers.

The tour started with a township lingo lesson (Tsotsi Taal) at a hill with a beautiful view of the stadium and the Orlando Towers. We learned how people from Soweto greet each other and other useful phrases. For instance we learned the common “Love, Peace and Happiness” handshake that I used many times already here in South Africa.

After learning about Soweto’s history and culture we continued to the former hostel settlements where you can find a “shebeen” (informal bar shack). Inside the shebeen we had some traditional and odd tasting “Joburg beer”, which is a sorghum beer brewed by a loose collective of South African breweries using maize, wheat, water and yeast. Coming from the beer nation – Germany, I probably had different expectations of beer, but the more I drank the better it got. After the drinking we put on some traditional Zulu jewellery and started dancing and singing.
The next stop on the tour was the Hector Pieterson Memorial, named after a 13 years old boy. When the guide explained what happened on this square the group became silent. The story of the little boy, who was shot in this street during the Soweto uprising on June 16th, 1976, touched us all with many goose bumps on our body. The 16th of June nowadays is a holiday in South Africa in memory of Hector and the other 200 students that were killed. Till this day the area still reflects the struggle from the past and is branded by this vibrant vibe. Touched and mindful, the group continued biking down to the famous Vilakazi Street to see where the two Nobel Prize winners lived – Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Lebo’s Backpackers is the perfect accommodation for an authentic Soweto experience. Lebo’s home is very friendly and makes you feel at home.  Even though no meals are included at Lebo’s Backpackers, there is the possibility to request breakfast, lunch and dinner, which are freshly prepared every day and with love. Furthermore, Lebo’s offers many activities, such as the FTT certified bicycle tour through Soweto.

How to go about it;

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