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Go Shark Cage Diving!

Meet the Great White Sharks for a day!

A couple of weeks ago after I had arrived in Cape Town I went on a shark cage diving excursion. We got picked up at 4.30 in the morning and took a bus towards Gansbaai, which is located next to Hermanus. While you are sailing towards the diving spot, you will get a short briefing about what to do, and more importantly what not to do.
Being in the cage gives you the opportunity to experience the greatest and yet most misunderstood predatory force of the seas from up close. You are in a cage with a maximum of five people, whilst the sharks are being attracted by death fish. This does not only attract the great whites, but as well thousands of smaller fish. This gives you a beautiful view of the diverse marine life that South Africa has to offer. It is an amazing experience which seems more terrifying than it actually is.

How to go about it;
You have the possibility to arrange a cage diving excursion via Share Africa Travel. If you wish to take the cage diving a step further, you could also choose to join one of our projects, which is a white shark volunteering program. Don’t hesitate but contact us now for more information.

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