Coffee Shack

Coffee Shack Backpackers is located in the scenic Coffee Bay region of the Wild Coast in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. Coffee Shack strives to create an unforgettable travel experience for visitors, enhanced by the natural surroundings and the chance to interact meaningfully with local Xhosa people. Coffee Shack is 30% owned by the Tshezi community, in the form of a community trust. Coffee Shack offers camping, dorms, doubles and self-catering accommodation.

Coffee Shack is situated right on the beach amongst the trees in the heart of Transkei , where traditional and Culture are still strong among the Xhosa people.

They offer various forms of accommodation , excellent value for money meals , amazing fresh sea food dinners , Exhilarating daytrips, Cheap surf lessons from the X – World champ , Cultural interaction and amazing hikes and trails.

Dinners are usually fresh seafood, while various day trips and activities can be arranged. Evening entertainment usually entails sitting around campfires listening to local choirs, story-tellers and relaxing with other guests.

Employees at Coffee Shack come from the adjacent Tshezi community, and the business helps staff to advance within the business through ongoing training programs. To spread the benefits of tourism as widely as possible, operational goods are acquired from local suppliers, especially fresh produce, guaranteeing a Fair Share to all involved in and with the business.

Coffeeshack is FTTSA accredited Benefits so far for the local community are :

Employing members of the Community and all staff members are getting better wages. There ‘s a small laundry business belonging to one of the community members within the Coffee Shack premises. Coffee Shack is buying its vegetables from the local communities. Seafood is sourced locally, from those who have permit. Awareness raising and understanding to conserve nature. Staff members are offered training.

This destination is carefully selected according Responsible Tourism Guidelines Abang Africa Travel & Trust and undersigned Memorandum Of Understanding with Abang Africa Travel.

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Kindly note that the prices and accommodation are subject to change based on date, availability and special requests.

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