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Escape to Johannesburg for the weekend!

Whenever you have a long weekend available and you wish to escape for a couple of days, I recommend you to visit Johannesburg. Jo’burg – which is a commonly used abbreviation – is an interesting city, and especially when you are coming from Cape Town. The difference between Jo’burg and Cape Town is enormous; Johannesburg is truly African while Cape Town is more western.
I stayed in Jo’burg for two nights, which is enough to see the main sights. On my first day I went to Soweto, which is the largest township in the world, located next to Johannesburg. There are a few popular sights to be found in Soweto, which you can explore by bike with Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers cycling tours. With Lebo Backpackers there are many options for Soweto tours: 2 hour cycling tour, half-day cycling tour, full-day cycling tour, tuk tuk tours or walking tours. For more information about the sights which will be visited during the cycling tour, you can take a look at Ariam’s Travel Tip.

The next day I took the hop-on hop-off buses to go to all the sights in Johannesburg. The red buses are an easy and safe way to explore the city. The bus takes you to the most important areas of Johannesburg. Whenever you arrive at a stop, you can decide to get off the bus or to stay seated for the next stop. The stops I visited were Ghandi square, Carlton centre where you can find the “Top of Africa” building, Gold Reef City which is the Las Vegas of Johannesburg, Apartheid Museum, the vibrant neighbourhood Braamfontein and the former prison Constitutional Hill.
The Apartheid Museum and Top of Africa were the most interesting places for me to visit. The Apartheid Museum gives you a tour through the time of apartheid and the top of Africa is the highest building in Africa which gives an amazing 360˚ view of Johannesburg. It depends on how much time you would like to spend at each attraction, but it is doable to view all those attractions on one day. The red bus tours are a great way to view all the important sights of Johannesburg in an easy way and within a short amount of time.

There are many hotels or backpackers where you can stay while you are enjoying your short get-away in Johannesburg. Depending on your budget you can choose your accommodation. Lebo’s Backpackers is a great hostel with a good vibe in the middle of Soweto. I myself stayed in the area of Fairmount, which is a quiet neighbourhood with easy access to the centre of Johannesburg and the airport.

How to go about it;
Abang Africa Travel can book your complete get-away to Jo’burg including accommodation, tickets for tours, flight tickets etc. for you to travel care free. Contact us to arrange your trip to Johannesburg.

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