The Bafanakids Football Project

Bafana Bafana means “The Boys” in Zulu and is the nickname for the South African national football team. Bafanakids, a local South African football project, supports the football stars of the future by supplying township teams with decent material, training and facilities. The football project is only able to do that thanks to the generous support of companies that, like us, believe that football is more than just a game for the youth in South African townships.

On the pitch problems of the day are forgotten for a while and dreams for the future are built. The football project is initiated and facilitated by Abang Africa Trust, partner organisation of Share Africa Travel. It is also supported by professional sports organisations like Ajax Cape Town.

Bafana Kids

“In the townships football isn’t merely seen as a sport, but as a means to survive”, says Thabiso Mekuto of Ajax Cape Town, one of the supporters of the Bafanakids football project. Football is the favourite pastime for township youth. But there where football is most passionately supported, there is a serious lack of facilities. The Philippi township near Cape Town for example counts over half a million souls but only has one decent and safe sports ground. This football project can have a great impact on the young players and I am looking forward to supporting its development!

We have to make a difference!

For 1500 euros a year you can make a significant change. With your donation you become sponsor of a team liaised with the Bafanakids football project. This team will be dressed in kits donning your company name and logo. You can even pick the club colours! Other than that the coaches receive a periodical training from professional sports organisations in the area like Ajax Cape Town. Also, the kids will be treated to a yearly getaway which would otherwise be an unaffordable luxury.

Bafanakids looks beyond 2010 when the FIFA World Cup was hosted in an African country for the very first time. Our team actively lobbies for more and better sports grounds in the townships. The non-profit project is initiated and supported by Abang Africa Trust, an experienced and awarded specialist in sustainable tourism. All you have to do is to finish the assist for this football project!

Contact us now for more information on how you can become involved in the Bafanakids Football Project or go to the football project website;