Greening Project

Volunteer now for a minimum of 2 weeks to plant trees on behalf of companies, groups, travelers and individuals wanting to invest in a greener future and improve the lives of communities in areas affected by lack of resources in Cape Town, South Africa. Would you like to uplift South African communities by planting trees and educating children on conservation issues? Roll up your sleeves and join this hands-on environmental volunteer Greening project! This is a great opportunity to assist with urban greening and reforestation, spread the message about climate change in South African communities, and learn about environmental issues yourself.

Your Role as Volunteer

As a volunteer, you play a vital role in our Greening project by helping us plant trees, map and monitor trees, and involving the local community in the conservation of their environment.

As a result of South Africa’s divided past, there is huge disparity between the leafy ‘privileged’ suburbs and the barren ‘underprivileged’ areas. South Africa has one of the highest levels of inequality in the world.

Lack of green spaces in communities is known to contribute to social problems. The Kuo & Sullivan Report, 2001, states: Degradation of neighbourhoods exacerbates poor social cohesion, crime, drug abuse and environmental downfall. Urban greening has been closely linked to reductions in these social ills. On top of this, one in five South African children suffer from chronic malnutrition. Hunger and lack of good nutrition negatively affect concentration, ability to learn and school attendance. Children cannot reap the benefits of education if they are hungry. Planting fruit trees at schools is a good step towards improving this issue. Very few schools in disadvantaged communities, if any, have fruit tree orchids.

During your time at the Greening project you will at least one day be planting trees at schools, community centres, and crèches in under-greened areas around Cape Town. The planting is always done as a team effort together with the children or other community members.

An essential part of this is education. As a volunteer, you will be involved in educating children on the importance of their natural environment, and on how they can play an active role in preserving it. This is an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in the South African cultures, to learn from this unique cultural exchange, and to give local children some vital knowledge about sustainable living.

For one or two days in a week, you will be part of a monitoring team that goes out into local communities to check on trees that have already been planted. You will help assess the trees, record information, and communicate with the teachers or community leaders about the progress.

If time allows in the planning than on one of the other days you will be part of a team that goes out to explore new planting opportunities around Cape Town, learn about different techniques, network with relevant people, and spread the message of the incredible social and environmental benefits of trees.

Your mission will be greening and educating children and adults while also learning a lot yourself.

Project Information

The Greening projects mission is to green under-greened areas and combat deforestation in Southern Africa. We plant trees on behalf of companies, groups, travellers and individuals wanting to invest in a greener future and improve the lives of communities in areas affected by lack of resources. On top of planting trees, we strive to make eco-consciousness accessible, fun and popular so that a greener movement is inspired. The initiative started in September 2010 and has since planted almost 10000 trees in over 140 beneficiary schools, crèches, orphanages, community centres, old-age homes as well as deforested areas.


Upon arrival, you will be given a project orientation that covers the following:

  • Explanation of surrounding area and living facilities
  • Introduction to the project team
  • Detailed introduction to the project and your tasks
  • An introduction to tree types
  • Run-down of your daily itinerary
  • Responsible tourism tips

Accommodation and Transfer

You will be staying at a comfortable guesthouse at walking distance from our Greening project office. You will share an en-suite dorm room with up to five people. (Upgrades to private rooms are available.) You will be close to most of Cape Town’s historic areas, trendy neighborhoods, museums, and markets, so it will be easy to explore the city during your stay. The guesthouse offers a communal self-catering kitchen, a lounge area with satellite TV, wireless internet, and a laundry service.

One of our representatives will pick you up at the airport and at the end of your stay we´ll drop you off.

Guidance and Supervision

Throughout your placement at the Greening project you will have the support and guidance of our experienced Greening project coordinators. Our Greenpop team will be available for any questions, advice etc. You will also have a designated coordinator who will be with you everyday and assist with everything you mightneed on the project.

A typical week at the Greening Project …

Although day to day activities vary on the project. During the week you´ll plant or monitoring trees or explore Cape Town and the sorroundings or new planting opportunities.

A typical day in the life of a volunteer might be:

This is an example of a day on the project. Please note that this is just a guideline, and that schedules are subject to change. The project is need driven so the beneficiaries can only get confirmed in a later stage.

06h30 Rise and Breakfast

07.00 Transfer to the project

07.30 Briefing on the day’s activities

08.00 Leave with group to pick up planting supplies, tools, and trees

09.00 Arrive at planting site; brief introduction to the community, the area, where trees will go

09:20 Tree planting demonstration and overview of tree types being planted

09.30 Begin planting

12.00 Break for lunch

13.30 Continue planting

15.30 Finish planting, delivery of environmental education material

16.00 Return to accommodation and free time

Weekends are time off, which gives you an opportunity to explore the beautiful city you’ll be staying in.

Costs & Inclusive / Exclusive

2 weeks             ZAR 9,090

3 weeks             ZAR 11,460

4 weeks             ZAR 13,820

5 weeks             ZAR 16,380

6 weeks             ZAR 18,540

7 weeks             ZAR 20,630

8 weeks             ZAR 21,620

Contact one of our travel specialists now for the costs of additional weeks.


  • Accommodation at a guesthouse in an en-suite dorm room with about 5 beds
  • Breakfast (all week) and lunch (Monday to Friday)
  • Airport transfers
  • Comprehensive introduction to Greenpop and your role upon arrival
  • Support from the Greenpop team during your stay
  • All project tools and materials


  • Flights to and from Cape Town International Airport
  • Travel insurance
  • Lunch during weekends
  • Dinner

NOTE: Where possible, Share Africa Travel can assist volunteers to arrange extra/optional activities/trips during free time on their projects and expeditions. Please remember that on such occasions, should you decide to take accommodation other than that provided at the project/expedition site, you will be responsible for the costs thereby incurred.

Arrival dates

The Greening project starts on the 1st and 3rd Monday every month. Volunteering at this project starts from a minimum of 2 weeks.

Please read our terms and conditions to inform yourself about our booking procedures.
Kindly note that the prices and accommodation are subject to change based on date, availability and special requests.

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