It is always worth to travel to South Africa

Africa is also called the “black continent”. Tourists travel there mostly to see animals, have beach holidays or discover the history.

One of the most interesting countries is South Africa. Holidays in this country never get boring. South Africa is the most southern country of the African continent and attracts tourists for many reasons:

  • Amazing landscape
  • Abundant wildlife
  • Interesting history
  • Welcoming indigenous people

For many years, the black and coloured South African population suffered under the white apartheid regime. The social and economic differences are still all around although there have been big efforts. If you travel to South Africa and arrive on Cape Town International Airport, you will pass some of the townships on your way into town.
Being located next to the highways, you will notice immediately the huge areas consisting of shacks. You will see playing children and strolling people next to the roads. This will give you a first impression of the life in a township. However, there is so much more.
If you travel to South Africa, you should not miss out on a township tour. Then you will see how friendly, welcoming and happy those people are. They will greet you with a smile and call you “umlungu”, the Southern African word for “white person”.

Going on holidays to South Africa will offer you great experience and you will return back home with a suitcase full of memories and stories.
Have you ever seen the Big Five?
These are

  • Elephant
  • Buffalo
  • Lion
  • Leopard
  • Rhino

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