Responsible Travelling

During the last century, people started to travel a lot more than before. This was made possible by the enormous technological progress that allows us now to travel from one side of the world to the other within a reasonable time and at an affordable price.

The increased number of travellers started to have a huge impact on the environment. The carbon dioxide emitted into the air by planes affects not only the ozone layer, and huge hotels were built without thinking of the destruction they cause. Also animals and people suffer from the invading people if it is not done in the right way.

Share Africa Travel focuses on responsible tourism. This means Share Africa Travel keeps an eye on keeping the carbon footprint and the impact on the environment in general as low as possible.

Environment; this includes

  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Indigenous people
  • Respect for cultural traditions
  • Infrastructure.

Share Africa Travel is specialized in responsible and sustainable tourism. The company wants to bring tourists to South Africa and show them how beautiful the country is, but also to make them aware of how to protect it.

Responsible means to not only take but also give. Share Africa Travel wants to support local communities and help them to profit from the beauty of their country. Share Africa Travel tries to increase their awareness of the environment and educates them in business affairs. The goal is to help them be able to run their own touristic business and not let others exploit them.

Responsible tourism is supposed to help travellers to understand that our planet needs help and that you can sometimes already help with little things.

Share Africa Travel is a specialist for responsible tourism in so many ways.
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