South Africa Coach Tours

South Africa is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. There are various different ways of exploring this amazing country. You can go by train or rent a car. If you want to comfortably travel South Africa, coach tours are the perfect choice for you.

The route of the trip is set when you leave, hence you know beforehand where you will go and what you will see. In South Africa, coach tours are very popular because many people from overseas are not used to drive on the left side and because they want to see as much as possible.

South Africa is a big country. Some of the often travelled distances are:

  • Cape Town to Kruger National Park (most direct way): ca. 2.000km
  • Cape Town to Kruger National Park (along the coast): ca. 2.600km
  • Hermanus to Port Elizabeth (Garden Route): ca. 670km
  • Durban to Cape Town (along the coast): ca. 1650km

To really be able to discover and enjoy the diverse landscape and abundant wildlife in South Africa, coach tours are made for you. You don’t get tired from driving, the busses are air-conditioned and there is always an experienced guide to assist when you have questions.
Share Africa Travel does everything to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible. This is also a reason why, in South Africa, coach tours are so important and play such a big role: Several people travel together and the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted is extremely reduced.
If you have to keep an eye on your budget or just want to be very close to nature, you can book a camping tour and if you want to overnight in more luxurious accommodations, then we offer you the accommodated tour. In South Africa, coach tours can be tailored to your taste.

Send an enquiry with your points of interest and Share Africa Travel will try everything possible to customize your South African coach tour!