South African Cuisine

In South Africa you are able to find any food you would like. For people who are a bit more daring, South Africa offers a few challenges ranging from crocodile sirloins to fried caterpillars and even sheep heads. According to the South Africans all three of them are absolutely delicious.

When you are feeling a little less brave, there is still more than enough to choose from. Like a couple of indigenous delicacies such as boerewors (hand-made sausages, grilled on a braai), biltong (dried, salted meat) and bobotie (an improved version of Shepherd’s pie).

For the ones that don’t want to eat the unknown, most places have a pretty international menu. One can find anything from hamburgers to sushi to pad thai and pasta.

In Johannesburg for example, there is a street where one can find Italian restaurants, a variety of Chinese restaurants, Japanese, French, Indian, Portuguese and Moroccan food. Also located near that same street one will find Congolese, Greek and Korean and Brazilian restaurants.

In the other major cities in South Africa, such as Cape Town or Durban, the situation is not much different. There are many choices of food and establishments to visit and enjoy. There are numerous restaurant guides that have done a good job in mapping them for visitors.

The visitors that want to taste the authentic South African cuisine will have to look a little harder as there are only a few places that offer and specialize in the South African cuisine. A few of these places are the famous Gramadoelas in Johannesburg, Wandie’s Place in Soweto, The Africa Café in central Cape Town and some smaller locations in Cape Town’s Bo-Kaap, Khayelitsha and Langa.

One can also find some small fragments of the South African cuisine in other establishments. They will offer biltong, boerewors among others. These can be found in most cafés and restaurants.

On some occasions, in posh restaurants, there will be a fusion dish, this will be a mixture of food from the north and south. That could offer ostrich meat, oxtail ravioli or Tandoori crocodile.

There will be a lot of different types of food on the menu such as crocodile, kudu, impala and even warthog. But you will not find seagull or penguin on there. These are seen as foods for the strandlopers (or beachcombers) – This is a community of Khoi who lived on the Cape shore – and the Dutch and Portuguese sailors who made their landfall here.