Tours for South Africa

One of the key focuses of Share Africa Travel is responsible tourism. Share Africa Travel offers a lot of tours for South Africa. They are ‘FOR’ South Africa because Share Africa Travel has responsible tourism as one of our most important ideas. All of the tours we offer are completely responsible; that means that all of the tours we sell should benefit the local environment, people and economy.

The tours for South Africa will all benefit these three factors. We use local business and make sure that the local people and economy benefit as much as possible. This is completely compliant with the ideology we live and work by. We sell tours for South Africa because we believe that we can combine great tours and helping the local community in a great way.
Share Africa Travel helps these causes by different projects and tours for South Africa. These projects include:

  • children’s homes
  • the bafanakids project
  • A daycare centre
  • Preschool
  • Streetwires project

The tours we offer are all responsible while they are diverse and exciting. Every tour in South Africa we offer can be tailored to your own wishes so that you will have the trip that will stay with you for a lifetime. Come to South Africa and do a tour for South Africa in order to create everlasting memories in our beautiful country.

Feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to planning your trip with you!