Travel to Cape Town

The mother of all towns and cities is Cape Town. A travel to Cape Town will take you back to the early days of 1652. Cape Town is globally known as one of the best and affordable destination where every guest gets value for money. The history of Cape Town is flourished with a host of good and bad moments, moments that one wished never happen. But that said, if that occurrences did not take place there would not have been this Vibrant City we know today.

Cape Town is a city that is always alive; the people come from different races, religions and history, but one thing connects them all- their smiles and warm hospitality. I don’t think you need a reason to travel to Cape Town. But it is in Cape Town where you can wonder and discover the World’s smallest but richest Floral Kingdom. Witness the pain of Forced removal in Distict 6. Step into a jail cell where Nobel Prize winner Nelson Mandela spent years. Travel to Cape Town then you will gain the cultural understanding of the people at the most Southern tip of Africa.

Visit the Townships and you’ll be amazed with the still joyous people even though their living conditions are nothing far from unbearable. It is in Cape Town where many old buildings, the oldest in the country, still stand, it is also in Cape Town where the traces of Slavery are still visible in their descendants, cuisine, lifestyle and traditions. Yes, Cape Town has won numerous awards globally and is home to one of the World’s 7 Wonders – The Table Mountain. Our reasons are many but don’t pack your bags because we said so, pack your bags so that Cape Town can welcome you. Travel to Cape Town and you may just become a “Kaapenaar”