Travel to Durban

Durban is situated in the Zulu Kingdom. Durbz as its known locally is a priority destination. Travel to Durban and learn how the town was established in 1835 and named after the Cape Governor of the time Sir Benjamin D’Urban. The popular well-known Portugese explorer was the first European to set foot here in 1497 and since it was known as Port Natal until 1835.

Durban is best known for its warm weather making the beach the place to be. Travel to Durban and indulge in the “Golden Mile”, 6 kilometer oflong sandy beaches. It is a hub of beach activities and home to popular beach resorts. Discover the paradise of the sea, bright colours, fishes and plants in red, yellow, orange, pink and so much more colours are just a snorkel away. The UShaka Marine World provides marine entertainment and education to young and old. It’s a romantic family attraction.

Being the diverse country South Africa is, with your travel to Durban you’ll find South Africa’s most populated Indian community. Grey street and surroundings are flourished with Indian heritage, culture, tradition and trade. Spices, spices and spices give the food that authentic colour. They are sold in abundance at the Victoria Street Market.

Durban is South Africa’s busiest port and in many cases seen as the provincial capital. The citizens of this wonder city are “happy go lucky”, they are “viby” and stay true to their culture and heritage, even in a modern city like Durban. Let’s create memories in the Zulu Kingdom while enjoying the fine Indian cuisine.