Travel to Port Elizabeth

Today the vibrant city is known by a few local names like the Friendly City, the Windy City and PE amongst others. Port Elizabeth was established as a town in 1820 by the British who were ruling the Cape during that time. The province Capital is Bisho but Port Elizabeth is regarded as the provincial economic capital. Travel to Port Elizabeth and get to know why this city is so “friendly”. It’s known as a great value-for-money holiday destination. The Geographical landscapes are breathtaking.

More about Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth occupies 16 kilometers of coastline making it a great destination for water sport and surfing. When travelling through Port Elizabeth you’ll journey through a town with British Features and the scars of Apartheid. The Town Museum is the best place to start a journey when it comes to discovering Port Elizabeth. At the Seaview Lion Park visitors can play, touch and experience the joy of Lion cups. Forget fast moving trains and take a nostalgic train journey on the Port Elizabeth Apple Express.

Culture and travel Port Elizabeth

The St Georges Park is the oldest park in Port Elizabeth, it provides a relaxing area for picnics, noon naps. At the Mannville Open Air Theatre there are productions and Art Exhibitions always takes place. The people are friendly with natural and cultural beauty and everyone has their own story to tell.

  • Many activities in Port Elizabeth
  • Wunderfull enviroment
  • Enjoy the people of Port Elizabeth

Enjoy Port Elizabeth

The only question left is whether you take the time to listen, explore and travel to Port Elizabeth. The value of your holiday is not calculated in South African Rands but experience, enjoyment, entertainment and relaxation. Dwell between the past while eating in the present.

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