Weather in South Africa

Because of the fact that South Africa is such a big country, you will find that there are different climates on different locations.
South Africa is a subtropical location that is surrounded by ocean on three sides. This makes for the warm conditions that are typical of South Africa, and also popular with the foreign visitors.
South Africa is a relatively dry country, the average annual rainfall is about 464mm (the world average is about 860mm). The Western Cape gets most of its rainfall during the winter, while the rest of the country gets it in the summertime.
The temperatures in South Africa tend to be mild for a country on the latitude South Africa is on. This is mainly because of the greater elevation above sea level. In the winter the temperature on the plateaus can even drop to freezing point. Therefore the coastal areas are the warmest in winter. There is however a big difference between the east and west coast. This is because of the ocean currents.
Because South Africa is located on the southern hemisphere, the summer and winter periods are different from those of Europe. Christmas here is during the summertime!

- Summertime:
The summer, mid-October to mid-February), is known for its hot, sunny weather. There are often thunderstorms in the afternoon, they clear quickly, leaving a warm, earthy and uniquely African smell in the air.
On the Western Cape there is a Mediterranean climate. This means that that area is getting its rain during the winter and is mostly sunny in summer.
- Autumn
Fall in South Africa might have the best weather. There is very little rain over the whole country and it is warm but not too hot. It will be getting colder as the season progresses. In Cape Town the autumn is truly fantastic. Because it has hot sunny days and warm nights. Perfect for spending time at outdoor cafes.
- Wintertime
Winter in South Africa can really become quit cold. In the higher altitude areas of the country it will be mostly dry and there will be cold nights. The Western Cape will have a lot of rain in winter, that means there will be quite a few days of cloudy, rainy weather. However, these days will be occasionally switched for wonderful days.
- Springtime
In the Cape provinces the spring is most spectacular. The winter is forgotten by numerous wonderful flowers covering the plains. Many South Africans travel to the Cape areas in this time of year, simply to marvel at the flowers.

Best time of the year to travel?
When you would like to see the flowers, then it would be best to travel in August and September. The best time for game viewing in South Africa is September and October. The Southern right whales will be along the South African coasts from about mid-June till the end of October.
Spring and Autumn are best for hiking as summer might be too hot over most of the country. In the Drakensberg area the summer thunderstorms can be dangerous, while in winter there is a good chance that there will be snow. The winter hiking in the Cape will be wet which will increase the difficulty level.
When you come to South Africa to visit the beaches, of course mid-summer is the best time to come. Though that will be one of the busiest times of the year to travel here.