Wine Tours South Africa

South African wine is one of the most popular wines in the world. Because of the mild climate, grapes grow extremely well in the region around Cape Town. So why not go on one of our wine tours? South Africa can also be discovered through your mouth and stomach.

More and more people step back from the normal, standard and want to really get to know the country they are visiting. Travellers of today want to explore, to dig deeper into history and culture. A big part of the culture is the eating and drinking habits. Offering some amazing wine tours, South Africa belongs to the top players when it comes to wine.
Jump on a bike, for example, and cycle through the beautiful wine lands from one wine tasting to the next. Share Africa Travel offers you, among others, the “Bike and Wine Tour”. South Africa will show you its beauty. Especially nice are the wine lands in autumn when the leaves on the grape spines turn colourful.

Despite the being closer to nature and extension of the experience, there are more advantages of doing wine tours. South Africa depends on responsible tourism. Share Africa Travel keeps the carbon footprint and thus the impact on the environment as low as possible.
Take a train to Stellenbosch, grab a bike and enjoy. Enjoy and at the same time do something for the country. By participating in the “Bike and Wine Tour” a part of the money you pay goes to local programmes.
Enjoy one of our wine tours. South Africa is waiting for you.

Some kinds of wine that are produced in South Africa are:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Cape Riesling
  • Chenic Blanc

Ask us for our wine tours. South Africa has so much to offer!