Share Africa Travel offers set self drive tours as well as international group overland tours. Our specialism however, are our tailor made holidays that we create together with our travelers depening on their wishes, dreams and budget. Tours of Southern Africa the way you would like to travel them!

Below you can find more information on the different Southern African tours and our unique accommodation selection.
To make sure that your holiday to southern Africa will be an unforgettable one does Share Africa gladly assists you with selecting the products of your interest.
  • Enjoy unique cultural experiences
  • Discover the great variety of nature
  • Find the Big 5
  • Overnight by a local family
  • Discover the local hospitality
  • and visit or volunteer at one of the many projects our non profit organisation liaises with.
Experience the real Africa when travelling with Share Africa Travel your style.
Click on any of the options below to find out more on the different tour options.

Tailor Made Holidays

Our tailor made holidays will introduce you to South Africa the way you would like to. Our dedicated team of travel specialist are ready to assist you planning the holiday you are looking for. Together we will create a route, plan accommodation, transport and activities. Keeping in mind that this holiday gets tailored around your, and your travel companions wishes. On our tailor made holiday page you can find more information on how to kick-start your own tailor made request.

Self Drive

Our self drive tours will guide you through southern Africa at your own pace.
Share Africa will book the accommodation, car rental, excursions and optional extra’s at your convenience and will provide you with a map book and detailed route description upon arrival. From here you can drive conveniently to the chosen stops of your dream holiday. On the self drive page will you find an overview of carefully selected self drive itineraries.


Do you want to see more than one country and preferably in a small international group? Then our overland tours are something for you! Travel through various destinations and share with the people you meet. Enjoy the great diversity of Africa and get to know more than just one destination. The overland trips can be booked accommodated and camp style. Find out more information here.


The accommodation page will give you an overview of some carefully selected unique, pure and responsible accommodation in South Africa. These accommodations can optionally be used in your travel itinerary. Overnight by a local family, community owned accommodation or discover some of southern Africa’s Hidden Treasures. Making your holiday more than just a trip… We offer a wide variety of unique accommodation in Southern Africa.

Things to do

Our day tours will show you Southern Africa in a special and unique way.
Via Share Africa Travel you can book a number of excursions that will let you experience the country in a unique way. These day tours vary from wine tours to traditional cape malay cooking classes. Find your ideal day tour on our Thigns to do page. On this page you will find an overview of carefully selected, responsible day tours.